Advanced Design Band Saw

No matter the size of your required advanced design band saw, Waytrain can manufacture machines to meet your needs. With a very specialized workforce and large manufacturing facilities you can be guaranteed of very high-quality machinery that meets the highest standards. Using very professional testing equipment we ensure the quality and precision of special design band saw so that you can machine at very high tolerances.

All are advanced design band saw have the following features:

Advanced Design Band Saw - WHM-540A CNC Automatic Heavy Duty Metal Band Saw WHM-540A
  • Suit to high speed cutting for super hard steel and stainless.
  • Feeding base 1.5° shifted design.
  • Front vise backward 10° design: to prevent stuck in feeding.
  • Concentrated grease supply.
  • CNC computer caculation.
  • Hydraulic tungsten carbide guide.

Advanced Design Band Saw - WSC-250 Solar Brick Top or Middle Cutting Band Saw WSC-250
  • Diamond saw blade.
  • Special for cutting graphite, quartz, ceramics, silicon, etc.
  • Saw bow stable movement by linear guides,ball screws and servo motor.
  • HMI control system sets different speeds while cutting.
  • Multiple function vise seat.
  • Blade guide by graphite device.

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