Band Saw

No matter the size of your required Band Saw, WAY TRAIN INDUSTRIES can manufacture machines to meet your needs. With a very specialized workforce and large manufacturing facilities you can be guaranteed of very high-quality machinery that meets the highest standards. Using very professional testing equipment we ensure the quality and precision of band saw machine so that you can machine at very high tolerances.

WH-4036HAF Fully-Auto Band Saw WH-4036HAF
  • Fully Enclosed Design
  • Double Guiding Columns
  • Multi-Language 10" Touch Screen
  • PLC Controller For Easy Job Setup
  • Motor Inverter Controlled Blade Speed
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension Device
  • Hydraulic Carbide Blade Guide
  • Power Driven Cleaning Wire Brush
  • LED Working Light

WL-650DSA Semi-Auto Double Miter Band Saw WL-650DSA
  • Auto Adjust Blade Guide Arm
  • Linear Guides
  • Anti-Noise Device
  • Material Detection Device
  • Hydraulic Carbide Guides
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension Device
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Lift Roller & Hand Crank
  • Powered Roller Stand

WL-800SAT Heavy Duty Band Saw WL-800SAT
  • Linear Guide Saw Bow
  • Linear Guide Saw Bow Movement
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension Device
  • Helical Gear Reducer
  • Linear Guide Table Movement
  • Double Clamping Vise
  • Hydraulic Guide Arm
  • Automatic Chip Conveyor
  • Hydraulic Carbide Blade Guide

WA-7670SA Double Column Semi-Auto Band Saw WA-7670SA
  • Symbol-based control panel is easy to operate.
  • Worm gear transmission system.
  • Square cutting limit switches.
  • Manual feeding roller.
  • Projector for marking cutting guide line.
  • Hydraulic blade tension device.
  • Motor inverter controlled variable blade speed.
  • Manual guide arm adjustment.

WH-300HA Double Column Fully Automatic Band Saw WH-300HA
  • High Speed Aluminum Cutting Bandsaw
  • Powerful Motor for up to 200MPM Cutting Speed
  • Teflon Blade Guides
  • Material Feeding Table with Shuttle Vise
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Variable Blade Speed Control
  • Multi-Language 10" Touch Screen
  • PLC Controller for Easy Job Setup

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