The WL-650DSA is a semi-auto double cutting miter saw. The saw bow is controlled by a hydraulic motor and can cut in the 60 degree left and 45 degree right directions. The blade tilt of 6.5 degrees is designed for easy cutting of structural steel H-beams, profiles and pipes.


Double Column - WL-650DSA


Double Column

  • Varlable saw bow rotation for double miter cutting (L60° R45°).
  • Hydraulic blade carblde guide pads.
  • Hydraulic blade tension control device.
  • Power drive swarf brush and conveyer.
  • Blade speed adjusts by motor Inverter.
  • Blade guide arm automatically slides to vise clamping position.
  • Saw bow auto-rotate by selecting cutting mode on touch screen.
  • Drive head’s angle and positioning by hydraulic motor and brake.
  • Blade tilt 6.5°design for cutting wide work piece or H beam.
  • Notifications of malfunction diagnosing on touch screen.
  • Top Clamping is Optional

Product Specifications

Capacity(HxW) 90° 650 mm   ██ 650 x 1100 mm
L45° 650 mm   ██ 650 x 650 mm
L60° 240 mm   ██ 400 x 650 mm
R45° 240 mm   ██ 650 x 650 mm
Blade Size 54 x 1.6 x 8730 mm
Blade Speed 30~110 mpm
Blade Motor 10 HP
Hydraulic Motor 3 HP
Coolant Motor 1/4 HP
Table Height 830mm
Packing Size 4550 x 2270 x 2560 mm(WL-650DSA) / 3120 x 1430 x 1140(PR-1100)
N.W. / G.W. 5200kg