Band Saw Type of Operations

Way Train offers an extensive range of band saws capable to meet a diverse range of machining needs. Below you can see an overview of all of the different types of sawing machine that we offer. All of our products are CE certified and produced using the latest production techniques, ensuring the reliable and long service life that our products are known for.

All of Way Train's band saws utilize cutting edge technologies, high-quality components, and most importantly are built using our expertise. With more than 30 years in the business, our band saws are flawlessly designed and can perform at the highest standards with minimal maintenance required.

Features :

Linear Guides
The linear guides ensure blade position is consistent and precise all throughout the down feed process. Linear guides also help to eliminate vibration and contribute to extremely smooth cutting.

Automatic Chip Conveyor
Automatic chip conveyor is powered by a durable hydraulic motor and is very easy to repair.

Hydraulic Blade Tension Device
Hydraulic cylinder controls blade tension quickly, easily and accurately.

Control Panel
Control system with symbol-based control panel is easy to understand and to operate. A built-in error detection system also prevents any incorrect operations.

Touch Screen Control
Touch screen control makes it easy to input and use the system. You can easily set required miter cutting angle and adjust and set the blade speed on the screen.

Portable Band Saw 4"(100)~7"(180)

Manual Band Saw 7"(180)~10"(250)

Manual Band Saw 10"(250)~13"(330)

Semi-Auto Band Saw 7"(180)~10"(250)

Semi-Auto Band Saw 10"(250)~13"(330)

Semi-Auto Band Saw (331)~(530)

Fully-Auto Miter Cutting Band Saw 10"(250)~13"(330)

Fully-Auto Double Column Band Saw 10"(250)~13"(330)

Fully-Auto Double Column Band Saw (331)~(530)

Heavy Duty Band Saw (700)~(1100)

Advanced Design Band Saw 10"(250)~13"(330)

Miter Cutting Band Saw UE Series

Miter Cutting Band Saw W/WS Series

Miter Cutting Band Saw WH Series

Miter Cutting Band Saw Double Column