Heavy Duty Band Saw

Waytrain has been manufacturing heavy duty band saw and other related machine tool components and machinery for many years. By adhering to strict manufacturing procedures this company is able to manufacture very impressive machinery that has helped many manufacturers reach a new level of manufacturing excellence.

The latest series of heavy duty band saw have incorporated the very latest machine tool technologies and also feature:

WA-1100SAV Heavy Duty Double Column Semi-Auto Band Saw WA-1100SAV
  • Shuttle vise clamping and feeding material. (SAV)
  • Table moving for feeding material. (SAT)
  • Use helical gear reducer to enhance the cutting rate up to 90%.
  • Hydraulic cylinder moving and locking the guide arm.
  • Variable blade speeds controls by the motor inverter.
  • Projector for marking material cutting guide line.
  • Blade broken detecting sensor.

Heavy Duty Band Saw - WA-7062HA Column Type Fully Auto Heavy Duty Band Saw WA-7062HA
  • Super Heavy Cutting
  • Ultra Rigid Sturdy Cast Frame
  • Massive Main Column
  • Assist Rods for Stable Clamping (580HA)
  • Fast Cuts of Heavy Materials
  • Accurate Cutting
  • Shuttle Vise Material Feeding
  • Control panel
  • Touch Screen Control

WL-800SA Heavy Duty Band Saw WL-800SA
  • Linear guides are used for saw bow movement.
  • Motor inverter controlled blade speed, speed shown in digital readout.
  • Guide post movement is hydraulically controlled for easy adjustment.
  • Blade tilt detection sensor with touchscreen. (Optional)
  • Vise clamping pressure regulator. (Optional)
  • Hydraulic blade tension device.
  • Split vise clamping.
  • Automatic chip conveyor.

WL-800SAT Heavy Duty Band Saw WL-800SAT
  • Linear Guide Saw Bow
  • Linear Guide Saw Bow Movement
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension Device
  • Helical Gear Reducer
  • Linear Guide Table Movement
  • Double Clamping Vise
  • Double Clamping Vise
  • Hydraulic Guide Arm
  • Automatic Chip Conveyor

WL-1100SAT Heavy Duty Band Saw WL-1100SAT
  • Linear guides are used for both saw bow and table movement.
  • Table movement for feeding of material.
  • Cutting position and table movement, set by encoder.
  • Blade tilt detection sensor with readout. (Optional)
  • Vise clamping pressure regulator. (Optional)
  • Hydraulic vertical press device. (Optional)
  • Motor inverter controlled variable blade speed.

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