Portable Band Saw

One of our factories is fully specialized in the production of portable band saws which allows us to perfect the manufacturing of these machines. Way Train’s expert design team is constantly upgrading our range of products to ensure that customers receive high quality and reliable machinery.

The portable band saws we produce have between 4” and 7” blades and they all offer miter cutting capabilities for improved versatility. Many of our portable sawing machines have a variable blade speed, automatic sawing options, and are excellent for cutting pipe as well as solid bar pieces.

UV-180SL Portable Band Saw UV-180SL
  • Machine with wheels can mover for different operation places.
  • Aluminum saw frame can carry up to track by two persons.
  • 19mm blade width with good cutting performance and high stability.
  • DC brushless motor provides high performance power and low electrical cost.
  • Variable blade speed (35~85MPM).
  • Quick vise design: easy to clamp work piece.

UE-100S Portable Band Saw UE-100S
  • Suitable for cutting solid metal, thick or thin metal pipes.
  • Toggle switch.
  • Swiveling saw-bow.
  • Angles cutting 0°~45°.

UE-127DV1 Portable Band Saw UE-127DV1
  • Compact but Powerful
  • Versatile Miter Cutting
  • Variable Blade Speed
  • Simplified Automatic Sawing
  • Suitable for Outdoor Cutting
  • Safety Features
  • Safety Features
  • Work Stop Accessory
  • On/Off Power Switch

UE-153DV3 Portable Band Saw UE-153DV3
  • Lightweight Portable Bandsaw
  • Handle and Wheels for Mobility at Jobsite
  • Trigger Switch for Manual Cutting Control
  • Clearly Marked ON & OFF Buttons
  • Limit Switch Auto Shutoff
  • Material Vise
  • Spring Controlled Downfeed of Saw Bow
  • 90° and 0° ~ 60° Miter Cutting
  • Powerful DC Motor

UE-153DVC Portable Band Saw UE-153DVC
  • DC Blade Motor.
  • Variable blade speed.
  • Miter Cutting 0° ~ 60°.
  • On/off and trigger switch.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • Two Cutting Functions.
  • Coolant System.

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