Sawing Machine

For precision, reliability, workmanship, and productivity the latest sawing machines we offer will surely impress even the stingiest manufacturers. Furthermore WAY TRAIN INDUSTRIES always try to improve their latest models by updating them with the new technologies and processes to give customers the absolute cutting edge in innovative products. Not only do we offer high performance sawing machine but also many other machine tools to meet your needs, so do not hesitate to request a quote or visit one of our booths at an upcoming machine tools show.

Portable Sawing Machine UE-153DV3
  • Lightweight Portable Bandsaw
  • Handle and Wheels for Mobility at Jobsite
  • Trigger Switch for Manual Cutting Control
  • Clearly Marked ON & OFF Buttons
  • Limit Switch Auto Shutoff
  • Material Vise
  • Spring Controlled Downfeed of Saw Bow
  • 90° and 0°~ 60° Miter Cutting
  • Powerful DC Motor

UE-127DV1 Portable Sawing Machine UE-127DV1
  • Compact but Powerful
  • Versatile Miter Cutting
  • Variable Blade Speed
  • Simplified Automatic Sawing
  • Suitable for Outdoor Cutting
  • Safety
  • Work Stop Accessory
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Material Vise

WL-1100SAT Heavy Duty Sawing Machine WL-1100SAT
  • Linear guides are used for both saw bow and table movement.
  • Table movement for feeding of material.
  • Cutting position and table movement, set by encoder.
  • Blade tilt detection sensor with readout. (Optional)
  • Vise clamping pressure regulator. (Optional)
  • Hydraulic vertical press device. (Optional)
  • Motor inverter controlled variable blade speed.

WH-4036HA Double Column Sawing Machine WH-4036HA
  • Machine Exterior
  • Double Guiding Columns
  • Multi-Language 10" Touch Screen
  • PLC Controller for Easy Job Setup
  • Full Stroke Hydraulic Vises
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Precise Blade Speed Control
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension Device
  • Hydraulic Carbide Blade Guide

WE-275SH Euro Sawing Machine WE-275SH
  • Trigger Switch for Manual Cutting Control
  • Convenient Control Panel
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Control
  • 90° and 0° ~ 60° Miter Cutting
  • Saw Bow Head Locking Device
  • Limit Switch Auto Shutoff
  • Saw Bow Down-feed Tensioner Spring
  • Swarf Brush
  • Coolant Pump

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