Semi-Auto Band Saw

Way Train is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of sawing machines and one popular range of models are our semi-auto band saws. These machines offer flexibility, accuracy, and high efficiency and are a very popular choice with our many European customers.

Below you can see the semi-auto band saws that we have on offer with detailed information for each model. We offer a wide range of bandsaws with both miter cutting abilities, blade tension gauges, and a variety of vises to best suit your material clamping needs.

Semi-Auto BandSaw - UE-918SSA Semi-Auto Band Saw - 7"(180)~10"(250) UE-918SSA
  • Swiveling saw-bow.
  • Variable speed.

Semi-Auto BandSaw - UE-250SSA Semi-Auto Band Saw - 10"(250)~13"(330) UE-250SSA
  • Swiveling head.
  • Variable speed.

Semi-Auto BandSaw - UE-330SSAV Semi-Auto Band Saw - 10"(250)~13"(330) UE-330SSAV
  • Swiveling head.
  • Variable blade speed.
  • Hydraulic vise.
  • Swiveling control box.

Semi-Auto BandSaw - UE-350SA Semi-Auto Band Saw - (331)~(530) UE-350SA
  • Swiveling vise.
  • Blade tension gauge.
  • Professional band saw for mold cutting.

Semi-Auto BandSaw - UE-331DSAE Semi-Auto Band Saw - (331)~(530) UE-331DSAE
  • Dual miter cutting-R/L (60°)
  • Blade tension gauge.
  • Vise pressure regulator.
  • Push button style control panel.

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