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Heavy Duty Band Saw


  • H800
  • W900
    • Human-machine interface control panel is easy to set and operate, reduce wasteful switches
    • Notifications of malfunction diagnosing on touch screen by 3D animation and automatically stop the machine, the 12 kinds of devices is managed by intelligent system
    • The angle of inclination of vice can avoid the interference for feeding with large material
    • Linear guides are used on saw-bow movement and feeding, precision positioning control by magnetic scale
    • Blade guide arm automatically slides to vise clamping position
    • The helical gear reducer enhances torque output under heavy working loads for a highly efficient cutting rate
    • With the strong flushing system, allowing the coolant shower to flush the cutting chips of table completely at designated times
    • Blade broken detection device, damage of the blade will trigger alarm and automatically stop the machine, prevent the materials from scraping
    • Blade tilt detect sensor, deviation of the blade will trigger alarm and automatically stop the machine
    • Inverter controls blade speed and readout in human-machine interface control panel



800 mm
800 x 800 mm
▅▅ 800 x 900 mm
Blade Size
5400 x 1.6 x 8900 mm
Blade Speed
25 ~ 85 mpm
Blade Motor
10 HP (7.5kW)
Hydraulic Motor
5 HP (3.7 kW)
Coolant Pump
1/2 HP (0.38 kW)
Hydraulic Tank
120 L
Coolant Tank
200 L
Table Height
920 mm
Packing Size
4700 x 2320 x 2400 mm
11100 Kg