Circular Sawing Machine


  • H100
  • W80
    • The automatic detection of diameter could be prevented from mistakenly entered material size.
    • Set the lubricant needed for automatic, punctual, and accurate injection of the machine per 160 hours.
    • The linear guide allows door to push out and slide back upon opening smoothly.
    • The machine with a small footprint.
    • The backlashless gear reducer for high efficiency cutting.
    • Hydraulic powerful chip brush for longer cutting result.
    • The bar feed system is equipped with AC servo motor and ball screw to control material feeding for accurate feeding movement and cutting position.
    • The vertical cylinder press in order to keep workpiece more firm and not easy of loose and backward during.
    • The system can separate from count trim、excess material and normal material.
    • The symbol-based control panel is easy to understand and operate.
    • Materials stock and automatic material detection system to economize manpower and reduce working time.
    • The special designed for chip removal easily.



20 - 100 mm
20 x 20 - 80 x 80 mm
Blade Motor
20 HP (15 KW)
Hydraulic Pump Motor
3 HP (2.2 KW)
Blade Speed
30~200 MPM
Blade Size
360 mm
Blade Feed
Servo motor & Ball screw
Feeding Length Single
0 - 600 mm
Feeding Length Multiple
600 - 6000 mm
Machine Weight With Table
3700 kg
Floor Space (machine with table)
2820 x 6920 mm