Occupying an impressive share of the global market, WAY TRAIN is the leading brand of band saws in Taiwan.


New series established:WL-500 FA1/FA2 Bundle Cutting Specialist.


New series established:WL-650DSA / DFA- Semi / Fully automatic angle cutting machine.JC6F/ JA6F portable band saw.

Euro Series- WK-210` WK-275` WK-285 ` WK-310` WK-350` WK-500.


New series established:WL-500 FA1/FA2 Bundle Cutting Specialist.


Brand new series-LH linear guide fully automatic models and double column linear guide development completed.

Launched new heavy-duty double column model - WL-800SAT.


Developed the WSC-250 diamond blade band saw machine, suitable to cut ultra-hard material.

Completed in June: Way Sword new factory located in Qing Shui. Floor space is 43200 square feet helping to increase production capacity and ability to develop round table style European band saws.

Portable band saw factory developed new manual series. Models: UE-125DV, UE-127DV, and UE-153DV.


Developed the WHM-540, a highly automatic high-speed band saw machine. This represented an important technological level upgrade and also ensured the international compatibility of our product.

Started to build up the new Way Sword factory in January and invested in new equipment with the goal to extend the production capacity aggressively.


R&D center settled downed and started to focus on high efficiency and high accuracy CNC series.

Way Sword European style factory commenced to develop the new WP series (Plastic control box series) offering more solutions for customer requirements.


Worldwide financial crisis: Way Train invests heavily in developing large sized band saw models WA-7062HA, WA-7670SA, and WA-1100SA, as well as the roller type fully automatic models UE-250AR, UE-330AR. During this time Way Train also focused on applying for numerous patents for innovative technology in numerous countries around the world.

Total capital increased to NT$157 million.


October: Construction of the new head office completed. Official opening ceremony held December 13th. The most modern office building in the industry boasts the latest office technology, a 130 person conference room, professional saw showroom, and international video conference center.


March: Commenced construction of new office building and held an official ground breaking ceremony.

Commenced large scale production of the small sized band saw model UE-120SV and the fully automatic model WS-1318FA for the American market, both earned wide market acclaim.

Total capital increased to NT$70 million.


Moved the WEI CHANG factory from Tanzi to its new location in Jiu She, dedicated to producing portable band saw machines. Focused on producing 5" and 6" series portable band saws.

Established a R&D center to develop advanced technology and design capabilities.


Moved the fully automatic band saw factory to Tanzi Township and expanded facilities by 36,000 square feet.

Involved with a special project to assist the Conventional Industrial Technology Development Plan (CITD), funded by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Office.


Commenced development of our Professional series band saws, fully automatic double column WA-4033HA and WA-460HA band saws, as well as the semi-auto dual miter cutting UE-331DSA and UE-460DSA.

Commenced development of our American style manual and semi-auto series band saw W1318SSA.

Completed the 28,800 square feet Jiu She 9” band saw factory, expanded production capacity by 50% upon completion.


Established our 4" factory specializing in small sized precision sawing machines. Commenced development of 5" and 6" band saws.


January: Established our fully automatic factory in Jiu She, dedicated to producing fully automatic band saw machines.

Won the national award for innovation by small and medium enterprises issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


March: Established Way Train’s second factory at Ta Ya Township with a capital of NT$30 million, dedicated to producing European style WE series band saws.

December: Special Vocational Training funded by the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan.

December: Certified ISO-9001 international quality management system.


Completed a special technical research project funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs entitled "Technological Development of Advanced Precision Metal Sawing Machines".


December: Awarded the 7th annual Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Award. Certified ISO-9002 International Quality Guarantee.


January: All product series CE certified (DNV Norway).


July: All band saw series UL and CSA certified. Commenced development of 13" band saws.


August: Expanded working capital to NT$15 million. Commenced production of 9" and 10" band saws.


August: CE certified (AV Belgium).Commenced to develop 9" series band saw models and completed sample machine by year end.


June: CSA certified. Commenced production of 4½" and 7" band saws.


Way Train established a business with a capital of NT$5 million and five staff. Commenced to develop 7" series band saw models and completed the project by the year end. During this time also developed 4" series band saw models.