WAY TRAIN bandsaw machine suppliers' latest WS-20FAP band saw machine launched adopts advanced Intelligent assistance systems with a material hardness to control cutting force and bow down rate to cope with variant material with ease resulting in the best performance and extending blade life.

High cutting performance with impressive accuracy angular positioning, RL-series are designed for H-Beam miter cutting operation.
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As a professional bandsaw brand, we can provide a variety of bandsaw machines from portable tools for construction sites to High-tech heavy-duty mass-cutting production offering you total cutting solutions and guaranteeing our product's quality can meet your needs!


Global Market

WAY TRAIN bandsaw brand establishes the optimized distributor system to cultivate local markets to build a complete and convenient service network across five continents to offer more diverse and globalized customer services.

Bandsaw Solution

With professional experiences and customization capabilities, we can help companies find the most suitable bandsaw machine solutions.

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