Company Profile

WAY TRAIN Industrial Band Saw Manufacturer

Established in March, 1983

With over 30 years of experience developing and producing industrial bandsaws, we now have over 100 model types and supply to 50 industrialized countries, spanning five continents.

To make our industrial band saw machine known in the competitive market, we are making the most effort in the organization, development, products and range of the machines.
It's our goal to improve cutting technologies that act as solutions for manufacturers of all industries to increase production efficiency.
The sales activities on the markets stressed the innovation spirit of the company and long-term future sustainability.

Occupying an impressive share of the global market

WAY TRAIN is the leading manufacturer of band saws in Taiwan

Our products include band saws, auto bandsaws, sawing machines, horizontal sawing, cutting sawing machines, cutting bandsaws, double column sawing machines, angle cutting machines and angle sawing machines. All of our products are well received and especially popular in Europe and the Americas.

Owning a highly professional sales service team, and always holding fast to the principle of serving at any time needed, we qualified to create a win-win situation for all the customers and end users.

our service

There are 5 WAY TRAIN bandsaw factories in operation, each dedicated to the following categories:

7" Bandsaw Factory

Head office location. Produces 7" and 8" medium-sized, semi-industrial grade, economical band saws.

9" Bandsaw Factory

Produces medium-sized industrial grade 9" 10" and 13" band saws.

5" Bandsaw Factory

Produces 4" 5" and 6" portable band saws.

European Style Bandsaw Factory

Produces Europe types for the European market. There are semi-auto and manual models as well as the WE, and WG series.

Automatic Bandsaw Factory

Produces our fully auto、semi auto and angle cutting types as well as the LX, WH, WG, WS, UE series.

innovation and development

The driving forces behind WAY TRAIN are innovation and development

Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to responsibility, credibility, and efficiency as our guiding principles. The cornerstones of our success are the use of professional technology, excellent service, and innovative designs. These have helped us establish a global sales network and the support and trust of these customers have helped WAY TRAIN become a respected manufacturer within the industry.