2023 12 / 12

Congratulations to Way Train Industries Co., Ltd. for winning the 2023 Golden Hand Award


The mayor expressed gratitude to the SMEs that are working hard on the front line and making all-out effort to protect the economic momentum of Taichung's industries. They have against the trend in the post-pandemic era and jointly created a new peak for Taiwan and Taichung's economic miracle.

 It has been 40 years since Way Train Company was established. Now we are constantly planning new product development, diverse choices, and market segmentation strategies. These are our business challenges.

Facing the competition in the international band saw machine industry, Way Train has gradually developed high-speed and high-precision machine models. In the ever-changing machine tool market, users and agents will clearly inform the current trends. Through the feedback from foreign buyers, the patented design of new products and the exclusive agent system, we continue to expand the layout of the Way Train brand.

The most important value of Way Train's core concept is not only the management and manufacturing, but also the craftsmanship infused into Way Train's products. The most important value is the persistence in product expertise and technology. Therefore, we use creativity to develop new products and also improve product functions via customer’s experience. In addition to solving user’s problems, customer’s feedback is also the starting point for product optimization.

Way Train Company is still developing deeply in Taiwan, making effort to develop Taiwan's domestic market and also dedicating to build the brand value of Made in Taiwan.