13" Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

H 330 W 530

This semi-automatic horizontal band saw has a variable speed function that can adjust the speed of the saw blade according to different materials and cutting requirements, improving cutting efficiency and ensuring cutting quality. By swiveling the saw head, cutting at different angles can be achieved to meet the processing needs of different workpieces and improve production flexibility and versatility.

And semi-automatic horizontal band saw has a swiveling control box convenient for the operator to adjust the position of the control box as needed, improving operating comfort and accuracy.
Capacity 90° (H x W) 330 mm
330 x 480 mm
225 x 530 mm
Capacity 45° (H x W)

255 mm

 255 x 280 mm

Motor 3HP Blade Size 34 x 1.1 x 4100 mm
Blade Speed 20 ~ 80 mpm Container Loads 7 sets / 20'    14 sets / 40'
Packing Size 2285 x 953 x 1500 mm N.W./G.W. 750 Kg / 860 Kg
Accessories (optional)